Memorial Day

     This is a topic that hits home for me.  I come from a huge military family where at least one person on either side has served the U.S. going all the way back to the Revolutionary war.  Memorial Day is for the vets and soldiers of today and in the past.  It’s a day where we celebrate the memory not only their sacrifice but as well as their families.  I watch the news and see all the soldiers coming home and the reunion with their families and it touches me every time.  What I don’t see is the celebration from our gov’t.  Where is the parade for these brave men and women?  Oh, that’s right war is unpopular so we can’t promote something that would anger a fraction of the country.  Especially if it is a voting base. 

     To all those who do not support the military or war let me in on a secret.  Not one soldier signs up in the hope of going to war or to kill someone. They do it for pride and the feeling that they are laying their lives on the line for the sake of everyone back home.  As a veteran I can say it is a calling, a purpose greater than words can explain.  The last thing a soldier should worry about is the reception they get when they come home.  They don’t want to be showered with praise.  They feel it is only doing their job.  Wouldn’t it be nice though if the gov’t and the public could do something for the returning soldiers in exchange for their service?  In stead they are coming home to have their benefits cut, a high unemployment among vets and budget cuts.  These cuts are not only in war time (foolish and idiotic), but will cause a reduction in our servicemen and women who count on these jobs for family and financial security.  Why is the defense is 20% of the budget, but are taking 50% of the cuts.  Instead of investing 68 billion in green energy why not invest in keeping our country safe when it is most needed?  I think all the green companies who received this money at the expense of our soldiers should be required to hire them after the leave the military.  That would make sense except these companies do not employ very many and some are now bankrupt.  Money that could have been for the military.

     My beef with the President is the other day he give a Medal of Honor (extremely happy he did) to a soldier who deserved it, but goes on to say that they soldiers during Vietnam where not treated properly when they came home.  Are they now?  Not even close.  Even when they accomplish something great President Obama takes credit for it.  How about this?  Mr President you continue allowing our military to grow weaker and the men/women who continue to serve will work twice as hard to protect your ability to campaign nonstop.  They will have to work twice as hard due to the fact that there will be a lot less of them.

      I am putting this on the American people.  If you do not like war fine, but do not take it on the very people that protect your right to speak and breath freely from tierney.  I challenge everyone in the next ten days before Memorial Day to thank a soldier/vet and their families.  To go to a ceremony and feel the pride and honor in which they foster.  Sign up to support a military charity like Wounded Warrior Project who all five members in my family sponsor.  To ask them what we as a country can do for them and not what else they can sacrifice for us.   I am PROUND, PROUD, PROUD to be in a family with a rich military history.  All I am asking is for everyone to be just as proud as the rest of our military as I am.

Happy Memorial Day to all the soldiers/vets and their families.

Clinton or Carter

     I thought of this debate because of the “evolution” in POTUS’ stance on gay marriage.  For the record everyone should be allowed their own opinion on this.  It is what you believe.  As for myself I am against gay marriage, but do not mind civil unions.

     President Clinton paved the way for how we can view presidents.  He was the first so called rock star pres. He was constantly in situations that compared to Hollywood.  From affairs and womanizing to playing the sax.  President Obama loves the limelight and wants to be the cool guy that everyone wants to hang with just like Clinton. He always seems to let his base know that he is on their side in a way that makes him look like a hero and the GOP as the evil villains.  Whether it is to the young vote with student loans, women with contraception or gays with marriage.  The problem is that Clinton went to the center because of the landscape change in congress, though I do not think he would have if his extra-curriculars were not so publazised.  I do not think POTUS will move to center with a landscape change and IF (and that’s a big if) he is re-elected.  I can’t ever imagine POTUS working across the aisle.  It would be a defeat to his ego. His thoughts are that he knows what is best for the country.  I do feel that POTUS does believe marriage is an institution where as  Clinton had no respect for it. 

      President Carter is a different animal so to speak.  He was mister nice guy and didn’t talk down to others.  Like POTUS he wanted everyone to be taken care of by the govt and had no way to pay for it except by raising taxes.  I think Carter would support gay marriage if he was asked now, but do not think he would support it then.  The time was totally different.  His foreign policy was always diplomacy and had a problem being decisive on certain things (Iran) not unlike POTUS.  Yes there are some positives for POTUS, Bin Laden and a few others, but overall his apology tour and lack of action could hurt this country’s security.  Carter had the Israel and Egypt treaty to tout in his time.  Unfortunately the administration’s inaction and poor choices have jeapordized this historical event. POTUS like Carter has not focused on the economy when it should be priority number one.  Carter could never catch up be cause he let it go to far and POTUS is in the same boat.  Pressing a biased agenda and not focusing on what is best for America will be the cause of his non re-election.  Like Carter, POTUS is in way over his head.  He is barely treading water, but slowly sinking.  

     I know some people where not around for Carter and to young to really remember Clinton. These are my thoughts on both of them and as accurate as I can report them.  Like Carter, POTUS is well liked, but has  performed poorly.  More peolple are on the govt dime then ever before.  Like Clinton has accomplished things, but both took the credit where others should be praised.   Bottom line is that POTUS wants to be a hybrid of both.  Wants the personality and fun of Clinton and the policies and agendas of Carter.


How much do we really owe China.  Not the govt. but the taxpayer who has to repay this massive debt.  I have been to many websites trying to gather this information and can’t get an exact figure. What I have found out though is that we owe China between 1.2 and 1.4 trillion American dollars.  Some estimates say over 2 trillion.  The higher end is probably due to them buying our debt and loaning us money.  Which to me is the same if you buy something it belongs to you until someone buys it back.  No matter the exact amount it is a ton of money that we pay a lot of interest on.  This debt to China has been going on since President Bush was in office and probably a little before that.  It started gradually the progressed in the final years of the second term only to be put in high gear in this administration. Oh and by the way if you are going to call someone unpatriotic for using the credit card of China, you probably should not have used that card more than that person.  Most of the stimulus money was borrowed through from foreign countries.  Some may say well yes we owe money to many countries (Japan is almost a trillion as well), but everyone borrows.  That may be true, but to what end.  If you borrow from someone you do business with and get along with because you have to business with them what are the consequences.

First on the business end are trade deficit with China is ridicules.  If it was close to even we would not owe them as much money as we do now.  The problem with continued borrowing from China is now they  have leverage on us on every world issue.  Cases in point, was rumored President Bush wanted to boycott the 2008 Olympics, but didn’t because of owing China money.  China is a huge supporter of Iran hence us not taking as strong as stance as we should.  Syria due to a trickle down affect from Iran is the same point.  A big issue happened just week, human rights.  We have always been a nation who has aided the world and taken action when necessary.  Libya and Egypt are cases in point.  Why haven’t we helped in Syria or the Chinese dissident that came to us for help.  Wait we couldn’t get involved in that it would make China mad and since we owe them money we can’t do that.  That is bogus.  What happened to the America that stood up for the little guy.  Have we become a nation that tucks tail when someone we owe (though more powerful then) says don’t do it.  It seems that way.

I do support alternative energy, but know it is not financially viable.  What I would do is expand our natural resource effort and get what we need for us then drill more and sell oil to China until our debt is paid.  China has said they do not what gold as payment because market is to volatile, but I bet they would take oil since their demand is sky-rocketing.  Why can’t we make money off them for a change. 

The more we borrow from them the longer it will take to pay them off.  Someone needs to get tuff and make the hard decision and do what’s right for this country and the world.  China is becoming to powerful to fast. They do what they want and it seems there are no reprecussions.  We need to lead on this, but if we feel beholden to them this administration we continue to allow them free reign.  Where is the big stick on this issue.

To the blind activist I say this, please continue your fight and hopefully one day someone will have the guts to help you.

Green Energy

Let me start by saying that I am a fan of green energy and I think that there are not very many people who are not.  I do not think that it is fair to state that certain political parties are against it because they do not support the funding of it.  I have done some research and to outfit my house, which is already classified as a green home, with solar it would cost 50,000 to 70,000 dollars.  It would take 27 years for me to make up the cost of the panels with the savings of solar.  That is not fiscally responsible.  the problem with green energy is that it is just not affordable.  The only people that can pay for the upgrades are the so called 1% unless you are building new then you can just budget for it.  Two quick stories.  One, my in-laws built a house in the early 80′s on the farm out of railroad tie’s and until just recently (when the added a pellet stove) they used passive solar heat to warm their home.  The have never used a furnace.  They did this though when the built the house.  Passive solar heat is the use of south facing windows in an enclosed area that a door can be opened  to allow the heat to came in and warm the house.  They do not have an air conditioner which is their choice.  They were smart enough to do this from the onset and after 30 years it has paid off for them.  Two,  I have a friend who is a has a commercial roofer company and is installing now solar shingles on a home.  Sounds great right.  Well not so fast.  He said it is taking 5 times as long to complete do to the intricacies of the measurements and standards of installation from the engineers.  He also said that the engineers are not very concerned of the chance of leaks due to inaccurate overlap coverage.  The big thing my friend said is that it is costing 13 times more than budgeted.  WOW!!. 

Yes there is wind, water and many other avenues to use, but they are not financially viable right now.  We have plenty of abundant energy resources that are clean and safe that be tapped to bring down the cost of energy even in a global market.  In the economy we are in, now is not the time to have the govt opposing their will on what energy sources they think are best for us.  Get the economy back on its feet and allow the private sector the ability to develop these green resources into a more affordable market and I believe they will be used more.  Few  people can afford them now and without a change in our fiscal policy and expansion of accumulating the resources we have now they may never be affordable for anyone.  Nobody wants to harm the environment and to suggest so is just wrong.  What most everyone wants is affordable clean energy.  Unfortunately these green projects are not ready for prime-time.

Dems in trouble

Okay last week I chastised the repubs and suggested a few things they needed to do to win over independents.  It looks like they have started down that road.  Just a few weeks ago the President had a good lead with independents, now Romney (the projected nominee)  has a six point lead in a few different polls. Here is my take.  I think it it is all about blame and deflection.

Most people teach there children to take responsibility for the actions and unfortunately for the actions of the people around them.  We do live in a society in which there is guilt by association.  These comments on stay at home moms was a big gift from the dems to the repubs especially on who the comments were about.  The problem is that if the President and his folks would have had stronger rebukes people might have believed the sincerity, but as I see I think they wanted the comments to be made.  They haven’t stop either.  Maher,Schulz and others are doubling down on them that is not a good idea.  You can’t preach civility and that families are off limits and allow this to continue. To deny Rosen and say she was just a commentator on TV and that Carney knew three Hilary Rosens is just insulting.  The lady has been to the white house 35 times and works for a firm that does democratic lobbying.  They should have come right out and told these liberal voices to knock it off and not do it anymore.  They are quick to jump on the right when something is said about the left, but say it is no big deal when the left says something about the right.  That is what is called hypocrisy and we independent voters know that.

I don’t like the fact the admin will take credit for things that was not there policies or ideas, but will not take responsibility when they are to blame.  This new regulation on oil speculators came from the right , but it was in conjunction with other ideas that would help with gas prices.  The admin says it was their idea.  I do not think that it will do much because speculators make money either way.  The problem is the public has to take the President at his word because main stream media will only paint the picture that way.  I am sick of excuses from this admin on the economy and jobs.  Every president has something in their term that affects what they are trying to accomplish.  The mark of a great leader is how they deal with them and results they get, not blaming others for the lack of results.  Here is a point on jobs.  In March they said 120,000 PRIVATE SECTOR  jobs were created.  What was not put out there strongly was that 160,000 people left the workforce. In my simple math realm that is a net LOSS of 40,000 jobs.  It is regrettable that they take credit for unemployment going down when actually it is do to many people just giving up.  That is sad because out nation was founded by a group of over-achievers.  I hear Harry Reid on TV right now blaming Bush for another dem problem.  This comes from a man that hasn’t done his job in almost three years.  Senator Conrad almost made me joyful by putting a budget forward, but now lacks the courage to put it up for vote until after the election.  I want to know where they all stand.  They want to keep their jobs.  Why should they when the haven’t been doing them.

I know this is long, but my last point is this.  The dems had the house, senate and white house for two years and the house and senate for four,  they had ample opportunity to pass bills that would aid our economy.  Instead the passed a monstrosity of a health care bill and a stimulus that has seen little to no affect.  You can’t blame others when you held a stacked deck.  Man and Women up and take your lumps you would get more respect.  Do your job in the senate and the same would happen.  Mr. President be a leader to your party and hold them accountable instead of deflecting.

Next blog on Thursday will be on green energy.



How dare you!!

Okay now I am mad.  I am a stay at home dad that would love to work unfortunately with my wife’s schedule I have to have a job that is only days and no weekends.  My wife is constantly on call and we have three young boys.  We decided that until our middle child goes to school full time that I would stay at home and take care of the kids.  I have a degree in business admin with a concentration in hotel/restaurant management and I am a certified chef.  For those who know that industry a job with no nights or weekends is very rare.  So I have started looking in different fields.  Due to my degree being in a different area my qualifications though solid makes it hard for a company to take a chance on training someone at my age 42.

What makes me mad is that Hilary Rosen seems to think that taking care of children is not work.  I have a little help.  we have someone come in once a week for 3-4 hrs to do some detailed cleaning for us.  For anyone who has kids (especially little ones 6,4 and 19 months respectfully) you are constantly cleaning up after them.  By the way Ms. Rosen laundry doesn’t get done by itself and meals don’t cook themselves either.  I am up everyday at 6 am getting my oldest ready for the bus and his school day.  That is only the beginning.  I also take of the bills, do the yard work, do the shopping, take kids to Dr’s. appts, take them to their sporting practice, homework, play time, bathe them, read them books and put them to bed.  It is called being a parent which I love to do.  If you think for one second you do not have to work at being a parent you are sorely mistaken.  Talk about multi-tasking.  There is something new I learn about being a dad everyday.  Patience is huge.  The biggest responsibility I have is teaching life lessons, respect and giving as much love and of myself that I can.  Some may say it is not a job to them I say hogwash.  Nothing can be more valuable then being at home an teaching your kids about family. 

There are many parents who would love the opportunity to stay at home and give mommy/daddycare instead of daycare and what you did was tell them they would be looked down on for doing it.  HOW DARE YOU!!

You are a mother you should know better.  I pray to God that all the dem females and the President come out against these comments because if they do not they are just as guilty as you.  I hope you realize what you said as made many people upset and I for I have lost a lot of respect for you.  The dems have been tauting this war on women.  As an independent voter  the only war I see being waged is by YOU!

I personally think you should apologize nationally not only to Ann Romney, but to all stay at home moms and dads. Also you consider thinking before you speak. There isn’t anything more important than spending time with your family because before you know it they are all grown up.  Even the President says family is off limits.

Republicans in trouble?

First I would like to say thanks for the many responses to my post.  Also would like to apologize for the gap in my posts, I was on vacation with my family.

Now the task at hand.  Republicans what are you thinking?  You should be all over the President and his policies.  Every time he baits you with a different topic you latch on instead of focusing on what matters.  His campaign are masters of illusion.  You guys look like a dumbfounded audience who say “how did he do that”.  How many things are out there that you could be pounding him on?  Let us list a few; healthcare, gas prices,economy, jobs, phony numbers on unemployment, spending, deficit, debt, Iran, Syria, Korea, His past associations and many others.  Instead you focus on things that there is nothing you can change like contraception.  You lack a message.  You may disagree with him, but where is the response.  all I hear is this is wrong, he can’t do this, there is no war on women.  Explain yourselves!!!!  You can not expect people to drink the kool-aid if the do not know what is in it.

Yes the main stream media will give you no help, but you have many other means to get the message across.  The thing that bothers me is that you create no backlash on things that they have done that they demonized you for.  Where are the ads on his flip-flopping and campaign promises that didn’t come true.  You are losing independents by the droves because you assume they are well informed.  If many only watch main steam media which way do you think they are going to vote.  I was not a huge fan of President Bush 43.  His addition to the debt was horrible was unacceptable.  What President Obama has added is deplorable.  How many times can he blame 43 and you do not call him on it. Even my six year-old knows he can only blame his little brother so many times before I know he is the one at fault.   I may a simple stay at home dad who just watches the news, but I could easily win a debate on these topics just on what I know.

You need the independent vote just like the dems.  They are winning because they are one step ahead every time and you are playing catch up.

Get your message out there and show the contrast between you and them.  Have forums with just indy voters find out what they are thinking about.  You have a 35-40 percent segment of voters that are being ignored and I am sick of it.  my wife who is a dem will not vote that way this time due to being well informed.  Not every American is like that, you actually have to get out there and inform them of your message.  It is called working for every vote.  You can not assume it will be yours.

I am going to throw you a bone.  His statement on the supreme court should have been a home run for you.  We have a constitution for a reason (which he taught a course on).  The separation of powers is there for a reason.  All branches are equal.  No one branch can try to grab more power than the others.  For him to accuse them of activism and call them unelected officials is disrespectful not only to them but our constitution.  If the decision is in his favor how is he going to walk that back.

To finish, you better have a plan in place for healthcare.  i do not like this plan, but it needs reform.  heard today that there is one out there.  what is it???  Get it out there not just on a web site.  Not everybody has time to read a huge bill.  You are winning on whats right, but you are losing on message.  Unfortunately the message is what gets heard.  Find a way to reach independents or you will lose the White House again and the Senate much to the detriment to our country.


I am on vacation with my family in my wifes home state of South Dakota.  I will be posting my next topic tomorrow.  Taking the kids site seeing today.  All I can say is republicans beware because this is not going to be pretty for you.


Since this is the topic of the next few days thought I would give it a go.  I have a unique prospective on this.  My wife who is a democrat is a healthcare provider and is absolutely against this bill.  I think all Americans agree that everyone should be covered and that health care needs an overhaul.  There are some good things in this bill we all like.  Such as no denials for pre-existing.  Though some like the fact children can stay on their parents policy until 26, I do not.  I have a friend whose father is 60+ and still working and has been told that his remaining children in college will no longer be covered because of his age and how long he has been in the work force.  As it stands right now the insurance companies still hold the power until the government takes over and then it gets worse.  Everyone needs to understand that their taxes will go up when we start paying for this, that’s everyone.  It is in the bill along with 2699 more pages of other things some which have no correlation at all to health care.  I do not know if it is constitutional or not I just know that 67% of Americans do not like it.  The point is if the gov can mandate that you buy health care what is next?  You have to contemplate this.  Their point that it is necessary and proper to do this.  There are many things they could say that are necessary and proper and here is a small list that could fall under the phrase; solar panels, electric cars or smaller ones, no salt or fatty foods, exercising,  this one is extreme but how many children you have and there are many others.  A very strong minded democrat I know said the bill sounds like communism with the gov wanting to control everything we do.  I like my freedom to choose.  That is what this country was built on “The Pusuit of Happiness”.  That does not mean the gov. can dictate what your happiness is Mrs. Pelosi.  I sincerely hope everyone realizes what this bill means for our liberty. 

Over half of small business owners say they can no longer afford to insure their employees when this goes into affect.  So more people will be insured by the gov.  Many doctors have already had to change how the operate because their funding will go down.  Premiums have already gone up and will continue to rise, also the cost for this bill has doubled. Why is it that many big businesses and all unions get a waiver on health care and not others?  Could you imagine if Drs created a nationwide union and went on strike over this.  You see the thing is they won’t.  Their oaths and ethics will not let them, but some will leave the profession leaving us strapped for good docs that are sorely needed especially in the rural areas.

If there was a quick fix for health care it would have happened many years ago.  I want to see everyone taken care of and have donated my  money and time towards that.  I will continue help in the future.  I do not think it is up to the gov. to tell me how to do it.  The pres wanted to fundamentally change America and if the law stays on the books constitutional or not it is going to help some but hurt many more and change the way we can conduct our freedom.

I am sick and tired of finding out something new every week about this law.  I have done research on it, but with the girth of it it is impossible to understand it all. 

One more thing about docs,  they are going to be told what services they can provide.  Every patient is different and there is no one size fits all health care system.  Would you like something sitting on a board and telling you how to do your job?

Whether you are for, against, democrat, republican or independent one thing everyone will have in commen if this bill stays is that you will be giving up your freedom.  And it will only be the beginning.  If you do not think future Congress’ will not use this to their advantage you are sorely mistaken.

Catching Up

Sorry it has been a while being a stay at home dad keeps me quite busy.  So many things to talk about I will try to hit on a few.  I never was a big President Bush fan, but when President Obama says there is no silver bullet for gas prices he seems to forget that the Bush admin brought gas down from $4.11 to $1.79 in five months.  I do not think either president is to blame for the price, but I do feel that there is something a president can do about them like Keystone, reserves and issuing permits would cause the speculators to drop the price.

The Power grab over this EO on Friday is another issue.  This is not the first admin who has signed this order.  My issue is why the changes in it.  It does shift more power to the executive branch.  Also why was it released Friday night with a another Solyndra dump.  Would love to know the reason.  It makes me think they are hiding something.  The last thing I want to see is Marshall law in effect if we go to war with Iran.  If we do go to war that is one option the president could do under this EO.  I personally do not think it will happen because we are going to keep kicking the Iran can down the road.

Another can is the deficit and budget.  I feel democrats can say nothing against Ryan’s plan until they put one of their own on the table.  The Tea Party needs to understand that we have to start somewhere. It took a while to get into this mess and it is going to take a while to get out.  The first thing we need is a budget.  The way the gov’t spends reminds me of a tween (18-24 yr olds) with the feeling that if you have blank checks you must have money.  They don’t have and neither does the gov’t.  Stop spending our childrens future.

One more quick item, but promise to blog again later on in the week.  The media on both sides is irritating.  The left media wants to destroy the republican party for anything they do, but won’t reprimand any one on the far left for their actions.  The far right is an Obama bashing machine some of it justified,  but they need to put more solutions out there.  I know they have tried only to be shot down.  The American public needs to see more positive.  We know how bad it is, now is the time to start solving these problems.  Fox is balanced the only issue I have with them is I hardly see any prominent independents on their shows.  As a matter a fact I do not see any at all on the other networks.  If we independents are supposed to decide this election shouldn’t the country hear what we have to say. Lets get our voice heard so people can hear solutions from us as well.

I am always of the mind that something can be worked out.  If the left and the right can’t work together we will not get anything accomplished and our country will continue spiral out of control


War on women

I need to add my two cents to this conversation.  First what Rush said was totally uncalled for.  There is a better way to convey a message than resorting to those terms.  I do like that he was big enough to apologize though it was not accepted.  Bill Maher on the other hand has been getting away with this for years with no restraints and no apologies.  What he has said repeatedly about women is deplorable.  The justafication of being in show bus. is just an excuse for certain people to agree with him.  His show is a political talk show not a sit-com.  He should be held accountable for his miss use of words just like any one else.  My parents taught me to always respect women.  I have 3 boys and what message am I sending them if I agree with Maher and denounce Rush because one is just a comedian.  Neither one them is in the right.  This speak affects both men and women.  Teaching points for men and respect for women.  I have been married to a beautiful women for going on eight years and if someone would have called her any of those names the would have had to answer to me a not the public.  Politicians who take donations from these people do so at their own peril.  I won’t say you should or should not, but remember in the end you will be connected to them and their baggage.  All in all respect women no matter what if you don’t agree with them say so, but say it in a way that not hurtful or attacking.


Since this is dominating the topics this week I will join in the discussion.  I do not think anyone in their right mind wants Iran to have a nuclear weapon.  This discussion has been going on for a while and could have been dealt with a long time ago.  America doesn’t want Iran to have one because we know the impact it would have on that region.  Israel doesn’t want Iran to have one for self-preservation.  I do feel like a time comes when there has been to much talk and not enough action.  Nobody wants war.  To suggest that certain folks do would be idiotic, but there comes a time when force needs to be used.  Iran has been egging the world on (not just us and Israel) to do something about their obtaining a nuclear weapon.  We need to realize that trying to be diplomatic with a country that wants to wipe another country off the map is useless.  The pres. says his policy is prevention not containment.  You can only prevent so much by talking.  Sometimes the bully needs to be hit first.  Make no mistake Iran is the bully of the mid-east.  Once again I will say nobody wants war.  We have the capacity to hurt them dearly with just a few air strikes.  I want people to just think what would happen if Iran built their weapon.  They would use it. There is no doubt in my mind.  Something has to be done.  If Israel chooses to do so it is their right to protect themselves and it is our duty to stand by our closest ally in the mid-east.  The time for talk is over in my opinion.

More benefits and family

Sorry it has been a few days but I have had a loss in my family.  My grandmother passed away at the age of 86 and now god is blessed with a great co-pilot.  My family has been there for me my entire life.  Many members have served in the military.  A few have even retired.  I just learned that the govt is planning to increase health care for retirees up to 345% ofter five years of progressive rate hikes while not increasing the cost for other govt workers.  Why again is the men  and women who have served our country bravely having to take another hit for the team.  it would seem to make sense to spread it out so everyone pays their “fair share” as the president would say.  These soldiers were promised these benefits when they signed on the dotted line and now the govt is going back on their word.  If congress passes this law it will be a huge slap in the face to our most loyal citizens not to mention it will cut down on enlistment.  There would be no benefit to retirement and maybe that is what the govt. wants.  Both dems and repubs need to stand against this egregious law.  I did a lot of flying in the last two weeks and every time I saw a service member I thanked them, maybe the govt should thank them instead of making them sacrifice more.  Ask some of the big unions if they would stand for this and you would have trouble.  They would never have to though because congress and the president receive tons of money from them to protect their interest.  Who is protecting the military’s interest?


Okay I’ll bite.  What is the real unemployment rate?  It stands now at the U3 rate of 8.3% with a U6 rate of 15-17%.  If you do not know what U6 is, it is the measure of all people who have left the workforce, who are  part time that want to work on a regular basis and those who retire instead of finding work even though they are still able.  This figure still does not account for those who have taken lesser jobs in order to feed their families, but still strive for better.  Nor does take into effect self-employed folks who are labeled small business owners, but have no business to substain themselves.  Now I do believe there are families with whom one spouse has chosen to stay at home and take of kids when the lost their jobs.  It probably is not as financially beneficial, but not paying daycare would definitely soften the blow.  Also as a stay at home dad I enjoy being with my kids.  I also believe there are self-employed people who have found work elsewhere.  None of these extras matter if we just counted all those who need employment or want better.  People must realize the main reason the rate has dropped in the past few months is due to people leaving the workforce after their unemployment benefits ended or they just get tired of looking.  I hear a lot about the jobs we added, what about the jobs we lost.  Neither side mentions them.  I would like somebody to take some ownership and fix the problem instead of spinning numbers to make it look like the economy is improving.  There still those who would rather stay at home not work and collect disability from the stress of not finding work.  This is sad when there are many who really need those benefits and can not get them.  I had a waitress who worked for me who was 26.  She had five kids and daddy had left.  She worked two jobs and felt bad when she had to apply for food stamps to help feed her kids.  If nobody realizes what I mean by this story it all comes down to one word.  Many of us have it and some have forgot it.  I believe this word is what has driven this country and still does today.  PRIDE!!  Let us use it and get people back to work.

Tax cut

I have done a good deal of thinking on this.  Though I do not have all the answers, I do think much of this is all smoke and mirrors.  Let us consider that this money is coming for social security, so in one way or the other the people are going to be paying for it.  If not now later when we try to get money from social security when  its coffers are already empty.  That aside if they really wanted to do a tax break why didn’t they just cut federal income tax 2%.  Our govt.  already spends more than it takes in so like some feel on the left adding  more to the defecit wouldn’t matter because they feel the debt is no big deal.  For all of us who live in the real world we could not live like this.  If we spent more than we took in no one would give us credit and we would be bankrupt.  I will post later on in the week about the budget, doc fix and unemployment extension not to mention gas prices.  It is good people are getting this break.  The money we save will be going right in our gas tank.  Let me know how you feel.  Many people are hurting and there has to be a better way of helping out instead of saying you are giving us a tax break of our on money.  If the administration was so worried about us they wouldn’t take it out of our savings but theirs.  Oh, thats right they do not have any it is already spent.

Benefits for Veterans

I have been appalled about the fact that the Obama administration has made the decision to cut the benefits of military retirees who are of working age.  My question is, is he going to cut the benefits of the rest of govt. workers that are retired and still of working age?  Let us consider this.  The defense forces are being cut which is going to add more unemployed to our country, but then we have added 140,000 govt workers since Obama took office.  Veterans have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.  If the administration dared to ask other public workers who are in unions, but still of working age, to cut their benefits there would be an huge uproar with the main stream media.  This topic however has not even touched their lips.  To all of those who agree with these cuts and have never served I suggest you pick up a rifle and serve a post.  Taking benefits away from the one true group that has supplied our freedom for the last 235 plus years is deplorable.  Four years ago he was promising hope and change on the campaign trail and I bought into that.  No longer, now all I see is a country changing into something that I do not recognize.